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Designing yards is my passion, using colors, textures and shapes.

Hi, I am Maria Beers,

I love to work with you to create an outdoor environment that feels like an extension of your home and that you will enjoy in all seasons.

I customize every detail to meet your landscape goals and take it a step further to give you something that you might not even know is possible!

Custom hand drawn designs

After working with computer drafting for sometime, I found that drawing by hand gives a more direct interaction with my clients and a better feel of the flow of the design.




Our yard is great; thanks for asking!  Still a work in progress. I am very pleased as I have lots blooming from the very first signs of spring straight through to fall!  In spite of being a fairly new community with building still going on we have attracted lots of birds to our yard. We also have a rabbit that visits the front garden every day and sits in the middle of it and just rests there for a couple hours surveying the garden.  We had a big family event here earlier and the garden showing was incredible.

Kimberly Chrysler

Serving Edmonton and St Albert


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