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Clare Tremblay

Thank you so much for the professional landscape design that you provided for our yard at our new home. I appreciate that you took the time to show me what every plant and tree looked like, and answered all my questions. Your knowledge and expertise made the process so simple for us.  It is daunting to have a yard full of dirt and not know where to start. I am certain our landscaper will appreciate your detailed design to scale and our yard will be beautiful!

Our yard is great; thanks for asking!  Still a work in progress.

I am very pleased as I have lots blooming from the very first signs of spring straight through to fall!  In spite of being a fairly new community with building still going on we have attracted lots of birds to our yard. We also have a rabbit that visits the front garden every day and sits in the middle of it and just rests there for a couple hours surveying the garden.  We had a big family event here earlier and the garden showing was incredible (except for the missing tall perennials hiding the fence-have to grow those all over again).  I will try to get some pictures over to you that you can use.  We are in the middle of expanding the deck and adding that gazebo so there’s a mess hiding my garden at the moment. 

Kimberly Chrysler

Natasha Ward

Maria was amazing to work with when we landscaped our yard.  We had to remove all of the trees and plants in order to regrade and slope the water away from our home.  I was completely overwhelmed with rebuilding and did not know where to start when choosing trees, shrubs and plants.  Maria helped me make major decisions and she gave me a yard design so when the time came I was able to plant with confidence and not second guess all my decisions.  It was a relief knowing what to plant were when it came to plants like large trees and shrubs that will grow and develop for the next 50+ years.  

A landscape consultation with Maria, was one of my best spend money ever.

Will Vandervelde


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